The 2011 Whites Are Here!

The long awaited 2011 Whites are here, we are back in the white wine business! (While the 200 cases lasts.) We are in the middle of finalizing a brand new website, and our intent is to launch the new wines there, and we will be back in hand selected retail and restaurant locations again shortly.

 2011 Whites include:

  • Our smash hit 100% Grenache Blanc, Saarloos Vineyard, Santa Ynez
  • Viognier,Saralees Vineyard, Russian River Valley  (LOVE this 2011 release
  • Pastoral Blanc, our new white blend of Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier AND Grenache Blanc
  • Centime, an ‘orange wine’ skin contact white of Roussanne, Marsanne, for Wine Club.

Until these are online, contact us via email to place an order, we apologize for the short term inconvenience.

We will be emailing wine club members this week for final 2010 white allocation and re-orders from our small reserves we held onto, and you may combine 2011 whites in these shipments. We do also have several local Bay area retail outlets with a small amount of inventory left.

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