Partners Are The Key

A small business relies heavily on its business partners for support and success. We’d like to share some of the people who make us successful, and encourage you to consider them for your small business as well.


Label, Logo & Website Design

Agency Orange: This brilliant design firm in Berkeley  came up with our logo, labels, and designed this very easy to use website. Many thanks to Nick McNeil for his inspiring work.



Damon Mattson Photography:  Damon’s eye and skill with digital work is second to none, and ridiculously reasonable. Besides bottle shots, look for his November gallery tour.


Wine Making Consulting

It’s no small thing to move from being a garagiste for years to commercial production, and since you only get one shot a year, it helps to have the ear of a professional on occasion, to some times talk you off the ledge and dumping a barrel down the drain.



A big thanks to Darek Trowbridge of Old World Winery, whose work with native yeast, natural wine making, and oversight was a huge help. Also thanks to 30 year wine veteran Kevin Hamel for his experience, one of the first in Sonoma to use native yeast fermentations on a large scale, at Pellegrini.

Additionally we owe thanks to Randall Grahm,  Rhone icon and inspiration, the busiest man alive, who was nice enough to point us to a vineyard source and provide some detailed coaching, right in the middle of harvest.


We’d also like to thank Alan Baker of Cartograph, and Anthony Yount of Kinero, another Rhone inspiration, for taking pestering questions and being supportive.

Last, but very much not least, Jon Philips of Inspiration Vineyards & Custom Crush, who walked us through the perilous bottling process.



As we doubled production, we moved to Inspiration Vineyards Custom Crush, where Jon Philips has been there to assist and coach on everything from TTB and taxes, to filling in the gaps and always answering questions on production and wine making. For the small, new commercial winemaker starting out, this has been a great home.


Vineyards (Information coming soon)

Saralee’s Vineyard – Russian River Valley

Saarloos Vineyard – Santa Ynez Valley

El Dorado – Ron Mansfield


Supplies (Information coming soon)

MA Silva  - Corks & Glass

New Vintage Print – label printing