Two Shepherds – Shepherd of the Palate, Shepherd of the Grape

“Two Shepherds” does not refer to two individuals, instead its a literal and figurative representation of two focal points:


“Shepherd of the Palate” represents  winemaker William Allen’s desire as a wine enthusiast and blogger to “shepherd” palates back to old world style wines, as well as a name suggested by local Sonoma County friends for his work and leadership to Sonoma County and Rhone wines. Wiliam’s palate and recommendations are widely followed on Social media, and he is regularly helping introduce wine enthusiasts to other wineries.


“Shepherd of the Grape” represents William’s wine making philosophy of minimal intervention and manipulation.  As a winemaker his job is to protect the grapes from harm, such as contamination, but gently guide them from grapevine to barrel to bottle, so that you can experience them as an authentic representation of the grape variety and each years unique vintage.


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